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Old 07-17-2020, 08:16 AM
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Default Lost Fly Box - Livingstone River July 2020

- Lost fly box Thursday July 9th, 2020
- 55-57 km mark of the Livingstone river
- 4x5 inch grey box with inside flap with "no lead" labels on outside
- Reward - a custom order of hand tied flies


I accidentally dropped a fly box at about the 54-57 km mark on Thursday July 9th. I went back and walked the section where I thought it might have been but it was long gone. I am hopeful that someone found it and that I might be able to get it back... It was a 4x5 inch grey box with an inside flap. On the outside it had two stickers about the "no lead" hooks inside. On one flap there were about 30 leeches and on the other side of the inside flap there are tons of dries (caddis, hoppers...). These were all tied by me and it would be great to get it back. If returned, I would be happy to give some hand tied flies in return, you choose the fly type and I will tie them up. This was my Banff park fly box and we have a trip planned early August and I hope I don't have to re-tie the entire box


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