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Old 09-18-2019, 02:43 PM
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Default Marlin Prophet River Exclusive 45/70

We still have a fair few left after the sale. So we will leave these on at the sale price for now:

Marlin - 45-70Govt - Model 1895GBL Prophet River Exclusive - Big Loop Lever Action - Black Cerakote/Gun Metal Grey Cerakote, 18.5"Barrel, Semi Buckhorn sights, 6-shot tubular magazine - MFG# 70456E


C: Hi Clay, is this rifle a one caliber proposition, is a 357 mag is possible.

P: It is possible. However, we have to do orders of minimum 20 and takes time. So, we'd have to have enough interest to be sure we can sell at least that many. Price would also have to be determined.


C: Have a 45/70, would like to see the same in 444, any possibilities ?

P: Most anything is possible. There is currently ony one model of 444 to use as the 'donor' rifle.


C: Is the stock plastic?

P: Cerakote over laminate as are all the marlin 'synthetic' lever guns.

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