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Old 08-14-2018, 10:11 PM
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Default Case shoulder deforming

Tonight I was loading up some ammo for my 270 wsm and noticed a few rounds were a bit stiff while closing the bolt. Initially I assumed I didn't bump the shoulder back far enough when I full length resized, but I chambered some empty cases that were ready for powder and bullets and they chambered fine.

After further inspection I noticed the shoulders on the rounds I had seated bullets in were slightly deformed. Right at the shoulder it was actually wider then lower down on the case body. This is only one side of the case, the other side is flat as it should be. In the picture below I've held a straight edge against the side of the case and you can see there is a fairly large gap near the shoulder. all 20 rounds i loaded up are this way.

Any ideas as what would cause this during bullet seating? Maybe I'm cranking down too hard on my press? It's not a compressed load so there shouldn't be much pressure in there.
Any opinions or advice would be great!

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