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Originally Posted by liar View Post
The only issue I have, is with me and my lack of experience and confidence in riding on gravel roads or soft sand/dirt. I don't understand how the bike reacts and I want to tense up and hang on for dear life in those conditions even when going slow.I'm scared to fall and dump the bike and get seriously injured.

i've had a bike of some sort since i was 14 . 45 years later gravel and sand still scare me so dont get down about it . as mentioned before , the throttle is your friend . you have way more control under power , trouble is , at some point you have to slow down ....

I said the same issue (gravel roads) my dad taught the motorcycle training course for years and has been riding for over 50 year. I asked him how he does 100km on gravel? He said simply, ignore it!! eyes forward and just go.
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Cool . Meh

Originally Posted by spoiledsaskhunter View Post

new to me, and I've been riding for 55 years!

Another good example of why longevity alone, doesn't count for much.
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Originally Posted by Gray Wolf View Post
Another good example of why longevity alone, doesn't count for much.
In rider surveys on Motorcycle racing forums, the vast majority use Rotella synthetic diesel oil. It meets manufacturers specs for pretty much any motorcycle with a wet clutch. Quite a bit cheaper than Amsoil. I've been using O,Reilly's Tractor Fluid for years in my CR500s. It's what most of the guys on the CR500 forum use. Way cheaper than Amsoil or other motorcycle oils. The big thing as stated previously is not to use automotive oils with friction modifiers. They will quickly glaze your plates.
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