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Old 10-22-2008, 09:59 AM
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Default Gun Work

I would like to take a Sako L.H. 338 Win that I have now and give it a new life. I'm thinking of re-barreling, re-stocking, and refinishing the receiver/trigger guard/floor plate/bolt handle/bolt shroud as they all show sings of use. My question is: Who do you recommend to do a job like this? I would like to put on a McMillan stock, and a 24" Douglas or Shilen barrel (or any other recommendations) and leave the caliber as 338 Win Mag.
Thanks for any input.
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Old 10-22-2008, 07:38 PM
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It kinda sounds like perhaps you should sell the rifle as is and build yourself a new rifle in 338 win.

Maybe look to buy a Sako action and built a rifle that way. Just a thought.

I hear good and bad about Corlane Sports in Dawson Creek. Some guys are ecstatic with their work, others want to burn their building down.

I know KS Arms in Edmonton does fine work the majority of the time.
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Old 10-22-2008, 07:53 PM
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I personally have had issues with an RMR rifle that was never resolved and won't go back. Nice people, but....
I will recommend getting a Krieger barrel through Adams Lake barrels, and I would personally use Henry Rempel for all the work. McMillans are the bet I have used yet and I have used everything fro Wildcats-Bansners (Bansner is my second choice). Get Henry to have the whole deal bead blasted and have someone powder coat it.
Just my two cents.
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Old 10-22-2008, 09:28 PM
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Default Custom .338WM

Nothing like a custom .338WM for a no bullschit all-around hunting rifle, IMHO, I have five of them and would like a few more......!

I would have my work done by Ralf Martini's shop in Cranbrook, BC, this is the finest gunsmithing I have ever seen in Canada, in over 50 years of shooting and well over 100 big game rifles.

I will be sending my final five custom projects to him as I cannot tolerate sloppy work or "gunsmiths" who cannot do exactly what they say they can/will....believe me, this is VERY common in this situation.

I gotta second the RMR-Corelane's opinion, I have seen a number of problems and they are not my idea of a first-class gunsmithing operation. Martini & Hagn actually make the singleshot actions they build on and a look at their website will show you just what superb gunmakers they are.
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