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Old 07-17-2003, 01:33 PM
Question for Don
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Default Question for Don

I am going into Camp Wainwright this year for deer. Do you think being a federal military base that all hunters will be checked for registration papers during the sign in process. Will they let you hunt if you haven't registered yet? One thing is for sure when you hunt on the base, you follow all the rules no exceptions, I can see the people in charge not letting you hunt if you cant produce a license for your gun. Who can one call to get info?

Thanks for any info....
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Old 07-18-2003, 08:42 AM
Don Meredith
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First of all, congratulations on getting drawn for Wainwright. That's an enjoyable hunt that should round out your season nicely.

With regard to gun certificates, good question. The rules for Camp Wainwright do tend to be more conservative than those outside the military reservation, e.g., you must wear red unless you're in the bow only zone.

First of all, I'd be reluctant to ask a question about whether it's O.K. to violate the criminal code (which is what you would be doing if you carry a firearm without a certificate), especially of the military. I'm sure I could predict the answer.

I haven't hunted Wainwright in a few years, but I do remember several years ago being checked for licences etc. on entering the camp. They didn't do that in later years, but they could. Personally I wouldn't want to risk confiscation of my firearms, especially to the military which would put another layer of bureaucracy between me and getting my firearms back.

Remember, the Camp Wainwright hunt is conducted at the pleasure of the military. If the officer in charge suddenly decides that all hunters should be checked for proper papers, it will happen.

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