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Old 09-16-2019, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Red Bullets View Post
The hunting is exciting but the killing is very somber and humbling. I do not feel elation or excitement when I shoot an animal. I am the reaper when pulling the trigger. After I feel thankful and relief to have succeeded. I could never figure out how some consider killing fun. Fun can have a broad definition I guess.
Sorry, to be more specific, this is the part I liked. Yes, making a kill is a complex and bittersweet experience, but its somehow still a very positive one or we wouldn't do it. I think in a large part its the feeling of gratitude that makes it so. No matter how good I get at hunting, and no matter how hard I work for it, every time I kill an animal it always feels like the universe just did me a solid favor.
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Old 09-16-2019, 09:32 AM
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I quit trying to figure out the whole kill/remorse /elation thing many, many years ago, it is beyond me.
There is no pat answer and no right or wrong answer IMO.
We are what we are, some people hunt for different reasons.
I was told flat out many years ago that there are stages of a hunter , and I didn't know any better and would realize in time that I was following them. Well, those stages didn't happen with me because the person who told me that had no idea that not everyone follows them!
I know bow hunters with multiple kills who quit because they did not like how an animal dies when arrowed, or they were too close to the death , etc and that's okay, I have also met archery hunters who will not hunt with a rifle for several reasons, be it too easy to kill or not, etc and that is okay.
I have tried to explain to people over the years how and why I hunt and kill animals, sometimes successfully, and sometimes not, that all depended on who I was speaking with .

One thing I have NEVER done however, is apologize for anything to do with hunting, be it taking a calf moose, anterless deer, smaller buck, whatever. That is MY business and no one else's.
I do give thanks sincerely to the grand Architect every time for the animal or bird that I have killed , that is for sure !
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Old 09-16-2019, 09:58 AM
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I would say the only time I feel remorse is when I wound an animal that requires a follow up shot or it gets away. Lets face it, eventually it happens to every hunter.

When I cleanly harvest an animal I feel gratitude. I already know I will be using all the meat I possibly can. The animal died a clean death likely cleaner than it would have if left to mother nature.

Pest control I look at a little differently. By harvesting that animal I am preventing suffering of it or other animals.

Unfortunately I have been asked to put down other peoples pets on two separate occasions. Both times it was obvious the animal was in a lot of pain that it would not survive and help was at least an hour away. This is definitely a bag of mixed emotions. On one hand I never want to kill someones dog but I don't want to see it suffer either so I pull the trigger once the makes the decision. I cant imagine what it will feel like if I ever have to do that to my own dog.
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