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Old 08-24-2023, 02:38 PM
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Default Your thoughts and experience on reducer sleeves?

Have you guys ever had any experience or thoughts on those shotgun caliber adapters / reducer sleeves?

For example; you can insert a 20ga adapter into a 12ga chamber, used only in break actions, single shot, SXS and O/U.

This 20ga adapter will allow you to shoot 20ga shells in your 12ga which turns your shotgun into a "two - in one" shotgun. There are numerous adapters for lots of calibers.

The 20ga to 12ga, is only one example of many.

We spend a lot of time achieving accuracy: bedding the action, free floating the barrel, measuring tolerances.

I am thinking with some loose variants, accuracy is out the window. But in a shotgun close in, this may be ok? Or to a beginner shooter that is recoil sensitive.


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Old 08-24-2023, 03:36 PM
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I have a set of Briley inserts (20,28 &.410)and have used them for years in my vintage 12's love them!
They have the sliding extractor/ ejectors built into them .
Orient the extractor when you put them in and set them with the small supplied mallet, and there is a three piece knock out rod as well.
I can safely shoot modern ammo out of my vintage guns with them .
I have also used the full length companion tubrs, those add a but more weight than the inserts ,12 ounces I think .
Anytime I figure I've got this long range thing figured out, I just strap into the sling and irons and remind myself that I don't!
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