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Old 11-03-2023, 05:35 PM
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Default what's my bow worth?

i got a bow given to me from a friend
i have no idea what its worth and don't know anything about bows
i would say its 8 out of 10 condition a few marks on it but nothing major
can anyone give me an estimate?

its a hoyt redline powertec
string 91.5
bc 32.5
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Old 11-03-2023, 07:24 PM
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Pretty much nothing. They donít hold value at all beyond 5 years or so. Old bows are (relative to new models) poor performers at best, and dangerous at worst. I sold a couple at a garage sale for $20 with no arrows and $50 with arrows.

It will still kill stuff just fine, long as you have the limbs checked and put a new string on it.
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Old 11-03-2023, 09:28 PM
ghfalls ghfalls is online now
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That thing is from the 90s. I picked up a hour maxxis a few years ago, which I think was a 2011 flagship from what Iíve read. Paid $300 fully loaded with arrows and drop away rest. I think youíd be lucky to get $50 for that one.
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Old 11-04-2023, 08:28 AM
300wby mag 300wby mag is offline
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Thanks for the help
I guess thatís why it was free lol
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Old 11-16-2023, 05:37 PM
birdseye birdseye is offline
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Default depends

I sold a 2015 Bowtech early this year after getting the results on my shoukder,I posted on A/O a few times with zero luck.Then posted in Facebook and it sold for $750,try multiple sites and enlarge the viewing audiance,cant hurt,good luck
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Old 11-21-2023, 08:09 AM
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Still, shoot an old 2-wheeler, and it will kill a Buck just as dead as a new high-tech version. If you know what you are buying and it's not been abused the second market can be gold.
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Old 12-09-2023, 01:28 AM
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List her for half of what a 325 fps IBO bow is going for at cabelas and itíll go. itís got limsavers and a decent sight, Those weíre good bows back in the day. Something to be said for a single cam, with idler wheel. As a spare in a pinch I like to bring two or three bows on hunts, that would suffice for gophers.
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hoyt bow

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