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Old 02-26-2024, 10:53 AM
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Default Grayling=a different question...

Hey guys-the only grayling I've had the privilege to fish for were in the mountains in Alberta, in a body of water that I believe is stocked. I suspect you all know where I'm talking about, though I seldom see it mentioned here. Great experience, over 10 years ago mind-you. I fished it from a 1-man inflatable, cast small beadhead nymphs on a long leader and walked them back slowly. Pinned about 3 fish in an hour, 2 of them very decent-sized...considering I wasn't expecting to actually hook one in the first place!

There is an Alberta/Grayling thread a few down, but the purpose of this thread is to discuss the best places TO fish for them in N. America? I could see building a trip around grayling fishing in the near future, but in Canada my impression is that it's the pond I fished....some streams in NW Alberta for small ones...or Alaska? Do I have that right?

I joined an FB group called "Grayling Fly Fishing" that has been an eye opener to how many great rivers there are in Europe, and to how large these fish can get. Awesome.

So, I guess this is mostly an Alaska question...maybe Nunavut-have any of you been up there and tried for them? Missing any Canadian options? There are other species I like fishing for, and certainly Alaska opens up some options. Just get the sense they're the side-gig up there, people target them on the days they need to rest?
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