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Old 12-06-2020, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by cranky View Post
Mistake i made was i retired a bit to late. Didnt need to work but kept going. Downsized my business by quite a bit but still worked.
Finally retired and about a year later a massive heart attack put a kibosh on enjoying retirement.
If you can retire dont hold off till you get sick and cant enjoy it much, or worse. Retired friends used to tell me that but i kept working. Just saying.
Originally Posted by huntinstuff View Post
Nailed it

Retire and enjoy yourself. Be satisfied. Decide on an age and do it. Dont trade years for bucks. Its a poor trade.

There is no magic age. Everyone is different.
These are my sentiments exactly. I'm focusing way more on retiring "healthy" than "wealthy". As long as my family and I have our health, we plan on making the best of it as long as we can. Material wealth will never trump experiences for me.
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