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Old 04-02-2021, 11:43 PM
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Default Trail Camera Mounts

Hello all,

I decided to try offering my Trail Camera Mount directly to AO members via this forum.

For those not familiar with the mount, With the help of AO members I invented a trail camera mount to address issues I was having with the straps provided with most cameras.

The results far exceeded my expectations.

Not only did it make placing my cameras much easier, it also offered a wider range of adjustment then I needed.

Another bonus was it allows me to place my cameras where a belt simply won't work.

The mount is all metal, with Stainless Steel fasteners. It features a stainless steel thumb screw for easy camera attachment, a rubber washer for a firm hold even if the thumb screw is not super tight.

This is what it looks like

This mount can be easily attached to any wood structure, a tree, a fence post or a building, all by hand. No tools required.

It can even be attached to a wood dowel pushed into the ground thus allowing your camera to be placed where there are no trees or fence posts.
Such as on open prairie ground for Antelope hunting.

A word of caution though, place the camera where it will be framed by vegetation so it won't be noticed.

That I found was good advice even in a forest.
Here is an example.

Even though this camera is clearly visible no one saw it even though it was right beside a busy bush road in a Provincial Park and I left it there for two weeks.

I also placed the camera low to be below the normal line of sight and as you can see there are no belts to draw attention to the camera. All things that help the camera to go unnoticed.

But it did capture this fellow.

I will be posting more tips and photos in the months to come.
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