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Old 09-29-2020, 12:34 PM
Brbpuppy Brbpuppy is offline
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Managed to fill both my whitetail tags within a couple hours on Saturday, decent buck too, so I had a great weekend. Deer season just started, but its over now, I ain't picky.
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Old 09-29-2020, 10:24 PM
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Shot a nice and healthy, spiker bull moose. Broke in the new stove in the wall tent and enjoyed a few celebratory brews by the fire. Life is good!
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Old 10-06-2020, 12:15 PM
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Got my first grouse in years last Saturday.

Now, to be clear, since the kids have been able to hunt, I've been letting them carry my grouse guns and have first crack. This time around, they "let" the old man have a turn again.

Roads were dry, and we were able to actually drive a loop with the truck that I haven't ever attempted in past years; We have walked many sections of the trail beyond where the truck could go no further.

There was one trail that I rediscovered - I recall being able to take my old F150 down it fifteen years ago. Now only OHVs can get past the last mud hole to get there. Of course, that meant that we are seeing a lot more animals in that area.

To finish off the day, my oldest son shot his first deer, and that was on the trail I mentioned above! So proud of the guy. Both boys worked hard to get it back to the truck before nightfall (thankfully they didn't leave it all up to me!) As the sun set, a nearby pack of wolves sang a requiem for the buck.

I hadn't brought any hauling gear (and I had sold my game cart) so it was a bit of a workout! Got to try out my Jim Shockey Havalon Titan (a gift from my sister) for the first time.

Was great for the boys to see what kind of work goes into bringing a deer home, cutting/trimming/wrapping etc. They worked hard, and I'm really proud of them! Backstrap hit the pellet grill on Sunday evening, and man, does that taste good!

All in all a perfect day - We had gorgeous weather. We saw a golden eagle, fisher and a trophy skunk. Met a couple of gents on quads and chatted a bit (I think I talked too much, I could see their eyes glaze over just before they fired up the quads and rode off... Those of you who have met me know what I'm talking about!)

Was a fulfilling outing, aside from the grouse and deer we came home with. And to share it with my boys, to see their excitement and love for the outdoors, well, that made my weekend.

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