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Default Metzeler 14 foot Yuca-2

This is a soft bottom inflatable and comes with a backboard for a motor, a box to hold a gas tank that can also be used as a seating bench, a seat, a set of oars and an anchor.
History: Purchased from Auto Marine in 1992 and initially used for fishing until
son decided he no longer wanted to fish. Than used to float down the river until the year of the Calgary flood. Since then, it has been folded, sitting in our basement.
Tested at the dealership last fall for leaks and all leaks were fixed. Retested a couple of weeks ago, left inflated over the weekend and maintained full pressure (3.5 psi).
Problems: I do not have an adequate pump and, according to the 5 min lecture I was given, it should never be used unless at full pressure. Also, I was told not to expect that it would be able to maintain full pressure beyond 24 hrs unless topped up (it did better than that on that weekend). Thus, you need an adequate pump.
In addition to a pump, it lacks a motor and a gas tank.
No pictures (because I can't transfer to this note). I can email pictures if anyone would like them.
The boat will need to be picked up. I will not ship.
I would prefer that you come and take a look at it and then decide.
I am in Calgary (Woodbine).
Price: Last fall at the dealership, I was told that I could sell it for one thousand. Wife thought it was a good price. I thought too high. My boat.
My call. 750 perhaps. Not firm and not higher.
Anyway, thanks for reading this.
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