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Old 04-21-2013, 12:08 AM
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Establishing a cost can vary greaty depending on several factors & what you want to achieve. Brass costs more in some calibers than others. Bullets can be 50 cents to 2 bucks each. If you are happy shooting factory Remington Core Locks your reloading costs will be much higher. If you want to produce premium grade ammo the difference between reloads and bought is greater. I will likely get shot down but my guess is that since I started reloading my costs, if I factor everything in, is much higher. The benefit for me is more shooting & the pride of rolling my own. In addition the more shooting you do the greater the pay off. For me reloading is not about saving money and if the average shooter is honest there is really no savings. It is a hobby & hobbies cost money.
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