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Old 01-08-2017, 01:51 PM
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Hey all,

Born and raised in Edmonton but living in Vancouver currently. Plans are to make the move back soon so starting to re-familiarize myself with the AB hunting. Thanks to all the contributors here that provide highly valued info!
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Old 01-11-2017, 11:58 AM
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I just figured that I didn't say hello yet. Since I am here for quite a bit now, I should do that now.

I live 70km south of Edmonton, immigrated to Canada in 2014 (from Germany). I like to fish and to hunt and would also like to make my trappers licence this year. I appreciate the help I got so far out of this platform and hope that I can help somebody too once in a while.

If there is a trapper out there close to my area who appreciates some company from a guy who would like to learn stuff, let me know.

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Old 01-14-2017, 02:20 PM
kootenayhunter kootenayhunter is offline
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Default New to Forum

Hi all
This is my first message on this forum. I am a left handed shooter and I was looking through the classifieds and found a 22 I am drooling over. It is a left hand Savage and I cannot reply to the ad because I am a new member. I would love it if some one could help out a new member to connect to this person. Just asking. Hope that is not against the rules.
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Old 01-16-2017, 09:48 AM
camofarmgirl camofarmgirl is offline
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Smile New to the forum

Hi there! I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself!

I have come back to hunting after a 25 year hiatus. I used to hunt/fish with my dad all the time, then I got married and moved to the city. After a total life change and a wonderful (new!) husband, I'm happy to say I'm back into hunting and fishing.

I'd forgotten how much I love being in the bush and on the water. My husband loves this forum so I thought I'd join so I can learn!
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Old 01-16-2017, 12:21 PM
last_sask_farmboy last_sask_farmboy is offline
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Hi All

Been a member so a few years but don't think I ever introduced myself. I have slowly been getting into hunting over the last 6 yrs. I have a bow and have done a lot of hiking with it during the months of September and October. I haven't harvested anything with it yet. The las couple of years I have started to get into water fowl hunting. I took my 4 yr old son along this fall and he hung out in the lay down blind with me. We got a couple Canadians and a few mallards. He had a blast. We are really looking forward to spring snow goose season. How many others out there hunt with the kids? Any tips would be great. Thanks


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