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Old 11-04-2021, 05:32 AM
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It is a krappy time to start reloading at the moment, stuff is or has been fairly hit & miss in availability of all of the tools and components, not likely to improve any time soon. Stuff is showing up here and there, some stuff is near unobtanium, really have to search and take what you can get, horsetrade for it, etc. All I can say to people starting out, is when buying powder, buy as much as you can afford or enough to wear out a barrel, and be careful in buying it, make sure it is going to be useful. Stores that sell powder generally have an open reloading manual to look at, or you can access a lot of data online, make sure it will work properly with the bullets you want to use before you buy it. Seen a lot of posts of people seeing a powder on the shelf and grabbing it only to find out that it was only for the light bullets in a given cartridge, or for the heavy ones, and that wasn't what they needed. Same goes for buying bullets, make sure they are OK with whatever powders you have at hand.
IF you don't know where to look, CGN and this site have sponsor vendors in the header you can check, check them. Patience and the ability to grab what you can pays off these days.
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