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Old 11-10-2019, 07:33 AM
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Default Wild fur shippers council

Lots of talk these days about NAFA and the disaster there , bounced checks , unsold fur ..havent heard anything about WFSC .... what happens with these guys ? Likely many individuals renewed memberships last year, what happens to the balance of their accounts ? Gone with the wind like the NAFA funds ?

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Old 11-10-2019, 10:21 AM
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Someone posted notes that they took of a conference call. NAFA said that they didn't know how the return of membership dues would work or if it would be pro-rated. Their priority at that time is to satisfy liability to CIBC. Once that's done paying debts owed to trappers/ranchers plus bank fees for NSF cheques and then employee salaries. Finally, commissions and expenses due to receiving agents. Nothing is expected to be paid out until next year.

I renewed my membership last year but it probably paid for itself already anyway. I don't expect to get anything back but hopefully I'm surprised. Reimbursement of membership dues doesn't sound like a very high priority.
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