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Old 10-16-2021, 11:11 PM
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Default New boom stick

I’ve been kind of kicking myself for selling my 590a1. I really didn’t have a home defence/truck gun any more. Looking around for something compact these days shows a lot to choose from. I had a budget of $400 for a 12ga with a full stock and a barrel between 12 and 16 inches.

Here’s what I choose…

It’s a little Akkar Churchill 612 Tactical with a 12” barrel. The chamber will shoot a maximum of 3” shells and the mag will hold 4. You can also chamber an extra shell to have a 4 + 1 arrangement. Cost was $265.

I will try it out when I get a chance with some 00 buck shot and some slugs. I also got a cool scabbard that will protect the gun from banging around under the seat of the truck.

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Old 10-16-2021, 11:44 PM
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Very similar to what I have (Dominion Arms Grizzly with 12" barrel based on 870). The grizzly does have the ghost ring rear peep which I like. And my scabbard is green, not black, other then that....

It's a good set up for a gun you can beat around in the truck. I did upgrade to a magpul stock and foregrip on mine, caught a sale and it's grippy. I'm sure it will serve you well.
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Old 10-17-2021, 03:08 AM
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Thumbs up

Nice looking rig.

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Old 10-17-2021, 09:55 AM
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Good looking rig at a good price. Is that the version that accepts all 870 accessories? This is the one I found interesting. It is a recent design and import by tactical imports.

The revolution in shotgun design is here: introducing the SAP6 magazine fed pump action shotgun, exclusively from Tactical Imports.

The development of the SAP6 shotgun sought to overcome many of the shortfalls of the common and dated pump shotgun design. The use of a detachable magazine allows for a shorter barrel without the sacrifice of magazine capacity. The shorter length results in a shotgun that is lighter, more compact and faster for CQB, action shooting and hunting scenarios. The detachable magazine also allows for easy and rapid reloading over conventional tube type systems and the interchangeable chokes allow for tailoring of shot patterns. Magazine seating is straight insertion style, allowing for smooth and simplistic reloads.

The full length picatinny rail permits the user to configure their shotgun towards their specific needs/mission requirements with a wide variety of picatinny accessories. The telescoping stock features multiple positions, permitting comfortable use by all. The SAP6 now includes a top-mounted single point sling attachment between end of receiver and stock plate (not pictured).

Reliability has always been a concern with detachable magazine shotguns, which is why the SAP6 has gone under an extensive testing and evaluation process involving multiple prototypes. Tactical Imports was heavily involved during this process to ensure the ultimate in reliability and durability standards.

Comes one six round magazine, hardcase, single point sling, choke tube set and instruction manual. Non-restricted class. In-stock and ready to ship.

Combine and Save:
Select a Shield UK red Dot with order and save $50.00 over regularly priced red dot and mount

•Detachable magazine for quick and easy reloading
•Tested and proven durability and reliability
•Full length picatinny rail
•Telescoping stock
•Built-in shell holder
•Ambidextrous design allows for comfortable shooting by both left and right handed users
•Compact 11.4" barrel
•Spare magazines fit in double AR-15 magazine pouch
•Straight-insertion magazine seating
•5 year warranty

Caliber: 12GA 3" & 2.75"
Choke: Interchangeable: F, IM, M, IC, C
Magazine Capacity: 6 (10 Optional)
Method of Operation: Pump
Length with Stock Retracted: 740mm
Length with Stock Extended: 835mm
Sights: Hood style front sight
Barrel Length: 290mm
Weight: 2041g
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Old 10-17-2021, 09:57 AM
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I looked at those as my bear repellant, but carrying a pump 12" barrel with one up the spout could be downright hazardous to your health, so I chose a 14 "Single. 2 3/4 00 at 15 ft. The first shot is the one that counts after all, light enough you don't really notice it either.

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Old 10-17-2021, 05:23 PM
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Very nice choice and for $265. Wow. You did extremely well. Enjoy that shot gun!
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Old 10-18-2021, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by huntinstuff View Post
Very nice choice and for $265. Wow. You did extremely well. Enjoy that shot gun!
Turkey seems to have gone into shotgun production big time, good value and quality combined.

Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there is no place, that they be alone in the midst of the Earth.

Isaiah 5:8
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Old 10-18-2021, 02:22 AM
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I bought the same shotgun last year and basically the same case only camo lol. Fun to shoot, earplugs advised .

Unfortunately have had a few instances where the shell up next in the magazine tube doesn't want to release so you have to cycle the action a couple times.
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Old 10-18-2021, 09:16 AM
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I have the same set up, fits in the quad box also for summer time riding.
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