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Old 07-23-2019, 09:12 PM
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Default Hoyt Riser Bent - Anyone have experience?

I have a Hoyt Pro Defiant 34. This is the third season of use. I bought it from the original owner in January year. It was in great shape, it tuned up well and grouped really well. I noticed the serving of one of the cables began to wear and found on closer inspection that the cable itself was nicked as the arrow fletching was grazing it on each shot. Turns out the riser is bent and the arrow fletching will no longer clear the cable. I am quite confident this was not an issue when I bought it. I have never dropped it or banged it around. It lives in a hard case. Has anyone had experience with this? I'm guessing the bow is garbage now, and that Hoyt likely won't warranty being the second owner. Thoughts?

As i'll likely need a new bow, any thoughts on what to replace it with? I'm thinking the hoyt helix ultra but open to suggestions. I have a 31" draw, RH, 70lbs.
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