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Old 09-06-2021, 10:22 PM
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Default Leica 3500.com RF with bow hunting?

Hi all, I just returned from an archery hunting trip using the Leica 3500.com, which is a fantastic rangefinder. I had 2 instances where I stalked in on some critters and when they stood up I tried to range them through the vegetation. I had to push the button a few times. The sound of the button pushing seemed to alert them. The first time I wasn't sure as my buddy was seen at the same time. The 2nd time, I was alone, wind was perfect, and I was behind some taller grass and other vegetation. I was 43 yards from the middle vegetation. When the buck stood up, I tried to verify the range. After pushing the button a few times, the remaining animals jumped up and all 6 animals looked in my direction. A doe came down wind of me trying to figure out what was there. The wind was good, I didn't have perceived movement through the grass, which leaves sound. My only thought is that it was the clicking of the button. I compared it to my buddy's Leica 2000-B, and the 3500 seemed to be a lot louder. Neither are loud, but...is the 3500.com RF too loud to use bow hunting when you can be so close to animals?

Has anyone else who uses the 3500.com for bow hunting had a similar situation?
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