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Old 09-23-2021, 08:52 AM
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Interesting, and what poundage were you using with the .250 or .200 spine?
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Old 09-23-2021, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by calgarychef View Post
This is the problem that trad hunters have battled forever. Light and fast doesnít penetrate like heavy and a bit slower.

I like to build my arrows with footing front and back, and for big animals I like
Single bevel cut on contact blades with FOC ďhigh enough.Ē

A really well designed heavy arrow out of a heavy bow ďwillĒ penetrate the heavy bones but for Canadian animals itís just better to avoid those bones 🤨
This ^^^
You guys that are using replacement blade broadheads, are you touching them up after taking them out of the package AND during the season?

Check out Ranch Fairy on YouTube and learn about FOC and sharp broadheads.
I know people want to reach out and kill stuff. Bowhunting is meant to be a close range endeavor where you use your skills and knowledge of what your hunting to get the up close and personal Rush.
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Old 09-23-2021, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by cody j View Post
Interesting, and what poundage were you using with the .250 or .200 spine?
80lbs and 30Ē dl.
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Old 09-24-2021, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Coiloil37 View Post
With the exception of total weight the exact same setup everyone should be using and most of these problems discussed above would go away.

A perfectly tuned bow shooting a perfectly tuned arrow. Thatís priority #1. A properly tuned bow will shoot a fletched field tip, bare shaft and ANY straight spinning broadhead to the same poi at your max range. Iíve shot three arrows as described at 70m and had all three shafts touching. Tuning is the bedrock of penetration.
Then the arrow has to maintain structural integrity on any hit. If the insert slips, shaft breaks, broadhead bends the penetration is over. I torture test every type of arrow I want to hunt to ensure it will never break on any impact. And they survive but the entire system has to be tested until failure and that failure fixed until itís integrity is 100%. Do me a favour, take your bow out, find a piece of stone or brick big enough it wonít move and wonít break and shoot it at 10m. If your arrow breaks you need to adjust your setup. If it doesnít, move in until your shooting it at 3-4m straight on and at an angle and if itís not breaking youíve got that covered. Donít bother with a cinder block, theyíre to soft. If the target breaks find something harder to shoot. If your sitting there thinking ďno way Iím wasting an arrow like thatĒ you have some work to do because they can be built to take that abuse.
Then for heavy game, arrow mass plays a large part. Heavier arrows penetrate deeper. After that there are smaller changes that make a difference. Type of broadhead, FOC, bevel(s), broadhead tip type, mechanical advantage etc.
There is a ton of information on the web from hunters and guides using archery tackle on heavy game.
I still havenít killed a buff. I had a trip to the gulf back in 2014 that went pear shaped. One of the guys in the group brought his five pig dogs. They all ate 1080 at a gas station just shy of the property and had to be shot. Matt was pretty torn up about losing his dogs and upset the land owner. The deal went from ďcome shoot everything you want for freeĒ to ďif you want a buff your paying $50k and pigs are $500 a piece.

I have another trip planned next October up in the same area of the Northern Territory. There are seven of us going for two weeks. Sleeping on a houseboat, we are taking three fishing boats, my bows and a few rifles. We have open slather again on a half million acres and Iíll attempt to get a couple buffalo with the bow. My setup last time was a footed .250 spine fmj dangerous game and a 250 grain vpa. This time I may go with a .200 kinetic and 250 grain vpa but thatís yet to be tested. If not Iíll take the fmjís again.

While I havenít shot a buff yet I killed over two doz elk in Alberta and a couple moose along with deer, bears and antelope. I had penetration issues at one point and decided that wasnít good enough. I researched and tested until I could break any bone in an elks body. Prior to that Iíve seen broadheads skip on ribs, poor penetration and shoulders stop arrows as well as broken arrows and bent or broken broadheads. In the last fifteen years I havenít had an arrow stop in an animal and havenít so much as bent a broadhead. Iíve broken the humerus, shoulders, pelvics, spines, ribs. Shot lengthways through them and can tell you itís possible to be amazed how deeply an arrow can penetrate if itís setup and tuned properly. Most of my post mortem testing was on bears and I shot through them lengthways breaking legs on both ends.

Iíll share whatever Iíve learned but youíve got to ask whatever your wondering about cause I canít read minds.

Wow fella, I tip my hat to you. Thanks for putting your knowledge out there for people to grasp. A young hunter can save a lot of heartache and futile attempts at blood trailing with your info.

I also joined the heavy hit club due to penetration issues. Shoot 80Lb limbs, 32" DL, 200 grain alien archery head(w half out) on a .150 spine full length Black Eagle Rampage. Right around 800 grain arrow. I found the same set up with a 4 blade BH TOTA sucked so went to 2 blade broadheads.

If anything I would switch to a VPA 2 blade RH bevel or a Cutthroat two blade RH bevel. About it tho. Alien is a great head. I have SV2 and SBT something something

For bears I used this setup this year, holy hell demolished a bear at 5 yds, he made it 15yds died in seconds. Also killed an elk with same set up this year, just blew right through him.
"We're not polishing fine china here"-Belichick.
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