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Old 09-10-2021, 01:22 PM
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Default New bow, first steps into ilf. wow

well I have been waiting for my new bow to arrive in the mail, it finally showed up this morning. My first ilf , now I mostly shoot long bows and the odd recurve when the mood tickles my fancy. mostly take downs. some have been low end ( samick sage )some higher end ( predator take down ) any ways enough history, back to the new bow, so I got a oak ridge shade, wasn't expecting much, ( it's fairly cheap )more of a test of the waters of ilf. so opened pack and was pleasantly surprised, riser was nice looking, with a big grip area that fit hand good, and limbs were this nice Matt black, so I put the bow together put some puffs on the string, set my brace, checked tiller, set a nock point, grabbed a few arrows 400 spine with 150 grain points, oh yes bow is 62 amo at 45 lbs, put a arrow on the shelf and took my first shot, fully expecting a miss , since I went for my 25 yard target first, well it hit center and this could be the smoothest and most quiet bow iv ever shot in my life, zero finger pinch at my 30 inch draw, ( rare for me on a 62 bow I tend towards 66 to 70 inch ). So my mind is blown at this point, run inside and grab a hand full of arrows and start at 10 yard and work my self out to 40 yards, every shot was as smooth and quiet as the first and every arrow hot were I shot ( I shoot instinctively) feels like I'm drawing a 30 lb bow, but I checked on scale it's at 49lbs with out me messing with anything. so smooth, can't describe how smooth, but I'm sure you all know what I mean. So my first ilf bow is great and I think I'm sold , easy to take down, and fine toon, think I found a new rabbit hole to go down, wife's going be so happy. ( sarcasm) just wanted to share my little experience. definitely a good bow for any one that's looked at em and said meh probably won't be good, it's cheap, Now I'm off to fling a bunch of arrows for a few hrs, then maybe try get a rabbit, can't call it a hunting bow till I get something. and besides shake and bake rabbit legs are just fabulous.
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Old 09-10-2021, 01:50 PM
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Sounds like you found a gooder! Congratulations!

Of course, we need pictures...
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