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Old 06-10-2018, 10:00 AM
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Default Trad bear hunt

Well I donít post much on here anymore but thought Iíd share my first trad kill. About a year ago a friend of mine bought a longbow and I shot it and was instantly hooked. So I had one made as well from stalker stick bows, only I had him make a recurve. I started shooting it as soon as it came, I joined an archery league in town and stared to get a lot more comfortable with it. About a month and a half ago I saw a bear hunt deal I couldnít pass up. So my father in law and I booked with Wes Schuett of Alberta Prairie Outfitters. We had a great time! Top notch camp, best equipment you can find and guides are awesome. I saw bears every night and probably close to 20 in total. I killed my bear on night 4. Seeing that arrow disappear through that bear was the biggest rush Iíve experienced hunting. It was a complete pass through, the bear ran off about 15 yards and died. Anyways Iím hooked now and canít wait for deer season this fall with the stick and string.

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Old 06-10-2018, 04:05 PM
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Congratulations! Great looking bear. I just took up the recurve last year too. I daydream constantly about harvesting a deer this fall too.
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Old 06-10-2018, 05:41 PM
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Nice bear, Nice bow, nice pic. It's nice to see you keeping the traditional bow a tradition.
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Old 06-10-2018, 07:18 PM
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Congratulations. There's nothing like hunting with a trad bow in your hands.
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Old 06-10-2018, 08:23 PM
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Congratulations! That first is sure a milestone
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Old 06-11-2018, 11:38 AM
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Nice job!!
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Old 06-11-2018, 03:14 PM
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That's great, congratulations on your first traditional kill!
Wes has a great area, that part of the country has some outstanding Bears for sure!
what power? FFP--SFP?paralax? Heck with it, I'm screwing on the Centrals and diopter- pass me my single point sling!
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Old 06-11-2018, 09:08 PM
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Default All smiles

Nice bear, nice bow! Congrats on your first Trad kill. A feat by any measure. good shooting!

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Old 06-11-2018, 11:26 PM
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Default Trad Bow??

Wow getting the first one is fantastic, great times and great memories, congratz.
Now get a LONGBOW hahaha
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Old 06-19-2018, 01:40 PM
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Nice bear and a really great picture. Congrats!
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Old 06-19-2018, 02:59 PM
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Congrats on your bear kill.
Sounds like it went well.

Few years back I was stalking a black bear down a lease road with my bow in hand. Just as I was about to draw back . He turned his head and gave me growl .
I don't think he was going to run in the bush after I shot him .
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