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Default Cascade Jumbos For Those Curious


I've been getting some PMs and questions about Cascade so here is a video from our first day out at Cascade this year.

If you're not tired of seeing me go ballistic over jumbo perch this vids for you!

Finally got around to putting a video together from our first day at cascade this year. Cascade Lake Jumbo Yellow Perch have become the trip of the year for me. This was the third season fishing the lake and the first time with my Brother Dallas. He brought his snow mobile so we had mobility which is key on Cascade. This is a very big Reservoir and the perch move. Where they are found one day may not be good the next. Be prepared to cover ground and depth ranges in order to find actively feeding fish. We use set lines to increase our surface coverage. The Jaw Jacker, IFish Pro, Trigger and HT Polar tip ups all caught fish for us. The automatic hook setting devices are the most reliable for perch if you want to release fish because they tend to swallow the bait on the tip up and Ifish Pro. But if you're eating them then I guess that doesn't really matter anyways. The key for success on set lines is a small Tungsten Jig and this year we were testing out Back Country Tackle jigs and did very well on them. Other lures that were effective were the Rapala Slab Raps, Northland Tackle small perch fry plastic and just a plain Gamakatsu colored hook and worm. So Join my brother and I as we run around hauling in Jumbo perch, numerous 14-15 inch perch and many around two pounds.

Trying something new also Free Tungsten Jigs giveaway if you're interested go comment, subscribe, like and share video to enter.

The Fishing Doctors Adventures - You May Watch More Than You Bargained For, haha!
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