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Old 10-12-2019, 10:58 AM
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Default Thanksgiving Turkey (BC)

With the kids having Friday off we drove out to BC and the Columbia valley late on Thursday night. The plan was to find some turkeys on crown land.

Friday morning started crisp and frosty with bluebird skies and zero wind.

We found an area that looked promising and got moving to get warmed up. We walked some old logging roads and off road tracks hoping to bump some grouse or find turkeys.

Found some old turkey sign in the frozen mud, footprints and scat. Also found tons of bear scat. Luckily nothing fresh.

It quickly became apparent that this is a popular spot. Truck after truck full of hunters looking for deer and elk would pass us in the first few hours of light. A little dismayed at the traffic in the bush we decided to head back to the truck and drive to an area with East facing grassy slopes that would heat up with the sun first. If I was a turkey that’s where I’d be on this cold morning.

Parked the truck and the five of us split up into three groups to cover more terrain and to be more stealthy. I was with my two hunting partners. There was myself and my 13 yr old son, my hunting partner and his 13 yr old son as well as my other hunting partner on his own. The solo hunter heads straight up this hill to the East while the two Dads head in opposite directions one to the North one to the South. We use radios to keep track off each other’s location and stay out of each other’s shooting lanes.

As luck would have it 3 minutes into the walk the solo hunter radios “turkeys!” from the top of the hill. The hill was steep and just as he created the top the hill the direct low sun gave him away with no cover to conceal himself.
8 hens ran and then flew off into the Douglas firs. Quickly we all came back together and made a plan. Fanning out we slowly moved forward using cover to glass and listen. Very quietly a few locating clucks or peeps could be heard from the birds.
Scan, move, scan, move... finally! I locate a hen low in a tree. It’s looking right at me (at least it appears that way). Way too far away for a shot. My son and I get closer. At 50 yards it takes off. So we follow, 2x this happens. Can’t get close enough no matter how stealthy we try to be.

Meanwhile the others flush another group of two and are in pursuit of them and the other 7 birds. Trying to get close enough for a shot. Not sure if it was what made a difference but my son and I take off our blaze orange. We move forward again this time I see the bird so we take it real slow and get as close as possible. 37 yards, Full turkey choke, 12 gauge turkey load, line bead just above the head, whisper “ready?” my son covers his ears.

Turkey down!

So pumped. Wild turkey will be for served for thanksgiving dinner.

We try for the rest of the day but no more birds were seen as the others were very wary. Great day to be out with kids exploring and developing the skills of future hunters.

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Old 10-12-2019, 11:02 AM
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Good for you! Great story and pictures! A Turkey Grand Slam is one of my goals.

Enjoy your well deserved dinner!
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