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Originally Posted by bill9044 View Post
I attended the rendezvous my brother and a couple south trappers were there as well. I must say it's great to get out and see some old friends and met new folks. Everyone is so friendly. Great group of guys. Like Ann said trappers at the rendezvous are truly like a family and it's true. Gary's HTC is always a big hit. And Marty had that fastest coyote skinned at 2min. Damn quick. But Justin got by him with an amazing 1min 51. WOW...

Just in case folks don't know right now at these rendezvous normal folks are walking among Trapping Legends of our time from older fellas like Allan P, Ken H and next gen guys Marty and Gary. Then the younger guys Justin, The Spruce, Duncan &Rod. I may have missed a few. These guys are all accessible. Walk up and chat with them at the rendezvous. The knowledge and willingness to share info has never been better.

Some nice fur jackets were auctioned off. Beautiful stuff. Thanks to all the vollenteers they have a tough job. Thanks. Nice to see Rod and his family great folks. Real great skinning demos. Rod is a master fur handler. Thanks Doug and Ingrid you guys worked your butts off. I'm sure I'm forgetting folks but thanks. To all the folks trappers and outdoorsman come by next year it's just fantastic.

Never did get a chance to sit down and chat Bill. I was hoping for a fire, but there wasn't one lit when I left...heard they ended up lighting one later. I had plans for a bottle of CM that night but was done with the crowds. Next year!

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Before I forget I'd like to thank the generous sponsors of the Kid's Corner. If you know someone from any of these please pat them on the back for the kids.
1-Tourmaline Oil Corp 2- KNM Sales & Service 3-Ft. Assiniboin Trappers Local 4-Stony Plain Fish and Game 5-Nearlandia Coop and 6- Dyna-Life Diagnostics
Thank you for the support.
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