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Originally Posted by Ghillie_frog View Post
Why do you move the rest instead of the sight to Broadhead tune your bow? Will moving your rest to Broadhead tune effect your paper tune work you did first?
You can move your move your sight all you want in direction...but that isnt going to bring your BH and FP group just moves a bad group.

One can move the BH to the X ...but the FP will still be off

Paper tuning the bow with FP adjusts nock point up and down...and adjusts windage left and right for factors such as arrow spine..

Moving rest finds that sweet spot for Both the FP and BH after they will group together...that you move that group via the sight both to the X

It may effect paper tune of FP after that... but that is the sweet spot where both FP and BH are flying the best...

For hunting one doesnt care if FP is slightly off on paper tune as long as BH is flying at its optinum and both are grouping together...

look at it as paper tuning the BH ..without paper... which is near impossible due to BH cuts...cant read a tear with cuts

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