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Originally Posted by Macdsl View Post
Got a great deal on a new Weatherby lazerguard yesterday in 300WBY mag. I'm a sucker for pretty rifles and this is no exception, hope it's a good shooter...
Most of them are - Good Shooters that is.

Although this choice does have a fair recoil, the stock design, and being aware, both help with that. If you manage to find it unbearable, there is always an after-market muzzle brake consideration, or worst case find it a new home...

As per your original inquiry regarding favorite elk calibers, I prefer the 300 Weatherby myself. Although I have shot them with a 270, 30-06 and one or two others, the 300 WeeBee continues to be my first and foremost choice. Of the twenty-nine I have taken thus far, probably 23 or 24 fell to the same particular Mark V (German production early '70's).

I've always run 180 grain Nosler Partitions through it, with either 82 grains of 4831 or 84.5 grains of 7828 behind them. Of course work up lower and find just what your particular rifle wants.

Every elk it has taken has pretty much been Bang Flop. With damn few exceptions, near or far the results are generally the same.

Methinks you will Like!

Finally, there is NO Such Thing as "too many guns"!!

Cheers & Welcome to The Club...
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