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Ok I spoke too soon, no idea why i dont have hydatids. However, there is a confirmed case of it, in AB

Go get checked

You need an ultrasound to check organs
Chest xRay a good idea for lungs

Some basic advice:
-wear rubber gloves when skinning if you can stand them
-Wash hands with powerful soap like ultra dawn when skinning
-Dont touch your face with unwashed hands. Wouldnt hurt to scrub fingernails regularly if you arent into rubber gloves. I scrub with hydrogen peroxide often
-wear doctors mask when skinning
-wear dust mask when brushing
-deworm twice a season, mid and a month after end
-may be a good idea to be extra careful with warm animals

And stop people you know from letting their dawgs lick their faces, especially on the mouth. (Some folks are disgusting!!!)

Will let you know what kind of deworm pills to use regularly once i know. Anybody know that one?
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