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If itís crowded... try another river. Itís not like the Livingstone is the only stream around.

ĎYah... letís get all exclusionary with our waters here too so the shee shee neoprene hatch can only afford ití.... nope

Anyways..... I thought Iíd give some advanced fishie advice here for anyone planning to hit the rivers for Aug long...

The spillway is fishing real well... Summerview has a great morning hatch ... then late evening is great great. Huge fish.

Waldron down to the reservoir is much the same.
Probably your best bet for fishies.

The higher upstream you go, the harder the fishing gets as the morning temps are around 5c and the waters pretty cold .... so the bugs donít start till 10-11.... fish seem to not tune in till around 1-2 or even later.

Evenings are good fishin though.

This has been based on me fishin the upper North Forks, Waldron, Dutch, Vicary.... as well as the West Castle, Carbondale, Lynx and Lost (diff drainage system though.

Cool temps this summer so far. More like fall fishin sometimes.

You should be able to hit 20 fish days on any of those stretches.

Good luck this weekend boys.
Right there is a wealth of excellent knowledge. While the that part of our province isn't on my radar this summer or fall. It will be a priority next year.

Thanks for sharing bessiedog!

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