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Default $50 BCL-102 Handguard

Made my final payment (SFRC let me do that for some reason) on a 102 stripped receiver set on order that ships in May, so I've started to look around for parts.

Handgrauds in Armlite spec are well $400 and that is basically the cost of a barrel. However, somebody posted a handguard on CGN and I ended PM him asking how it had turned out. Gave me the thumbs up and said it was all to spec.

Its named the TriRock you can have either 12'' and 15'' version, are Armalite spec (1-7/16" X 18 UNEF-3A) thread, 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized, and the "15 one is 1.17lb which is 0.26lbs lighter than stock. The only downside is keymod, but, for grips and stuff for that, it is perfectly acceptable if you ask me.

Best part they are ONLY $50!


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