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Originally Posted by KazIce View Post
Hey guys.

Thanks for the info. I have a question. Wouldnít you need to use the same batch of powder each time you do this? Iím going to develop my first loads next year and Iím assuming I would have to retest the powder node whenever Iím using a new case lot of powder.

Another question, how do you determine if a bullet is .020 off the lands? Thanks in advance.

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Certain brands of powders will be more consistent, I usually only use a few different powders because I canít be bothered to try 6-12 different powders for one load. Batch to batch, and especially temp sensitivity, you will probably see on paper at the range if you donít have a chronograph of some sort. Knowing your velocities is priceless information.

Hornady OAL Gauge is a great tool and definitely something to have for reloading. You need the gauge, modified cases for the caliber youíre reloading for, and a comparator set so you can measure to the ogive of each bullet instead of the bullet tip. Prob run you about $200 for everything if I remember right.
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