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One of the first things I do is try and check out who this guy is and is it really him..I ask for a home number and look up his number and last name on google.Somtimes you can get a job profile exactly where he lives and who has died near him listing the folks that maybe his parents or bros.

He could be a coach of some sport team or belong to a major gun club where awards are given and the list goes on and on and maybe a criminal.I have done two deals with guys with no credit rating.but made them bring the firearm to someone I knew or drop it of at a hunting store that knew me well,sliding someone 50 or100 bucks for there trouble sometimes works.

If I wasn't a 100 percent sure on who he was I would walk away.

The worst deals I ever made were with 2 guys who had I trader ratings over 800,they just buy them and move them with zero knowledge of the firearm ,then you take your chances also.

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