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Originally Posted by gpbear View Post
Pretty slow for me this year . Last year at this time I had caught 30 coyotes this year only 8 . Seems to me that there's not to many pups around ,7 of those I caught were adults ,1 was a mangy pup . Don't really get to many coyotes with mange around here .last year I threw out 4 outa 40 ,so I am wondering what might be killing of those pups ?
It sounds like what I went through last year. Around 80 coyotes caught and less than ten were pups. Out of them only 2 or 3 made it to auction.....the rest were sick/mange. This year has turned around 100%. I'll guess at about two pups for every adult, and only one with mange.

I don't know if it'll work for you or not but last year I found that lots of moving helped increase my catch. I'd take out 5 or 6 coyotes (locals?) from a bait site and it'd go cold so I moved to a new area. I found that it worked better than waiting for transient coyotes to come through. Good luck.
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