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Originally Posted by Ram94 View Post
This has worked for me. When working up a powder charge, I will shoot a single shot of each powder charge in 0.3gr increments until I am close to pressure. This way, I can find where my upper limit is without wasting alot of brass. Then I will start loading 3 shot groups of charge weights starting near the upper middle of my charge weight window in the same 0.3gr increments. Shooting them round robin over a chronograph and not worrying what they are doing on paper. There will be 2-3 charge weights that show similar velocity. Take the one in the middle and that is your "Optimal charge weight". Now you can focus on tuning groups on paper with different seating depths.

This has worked for me, but it's definitely not the only way to go about it.
Ha! I didnít see this till after I replied... but basically saying the same thing. There must be some truth to it hey!
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