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Originally Posted by AndrewM View Post
So could you in theory rather than looking at accuracy find the most consistent velocity and that would equate to the best accuracy? This way you take the shooter and environmental effects out of the equation. Or a consistent velocity doesn't always equate to consistent accuracy? Thinking of the physics and seems velocity should be the most important factor.

Also you reduce and increase powder based on temperature for a hunting round? Seems a bit excessive as you would need to keep everything organized throughout the day.
I haven’t noticed having to adjust powder charges for varying temperature swings, and in Ab there’s plenty of them lol. If you see a drastic accuracy change due to temp, your powder choice is too temp sensitive imo. Also, in a hunting round, no you won’t notice a huge poi change (or you shouldn’t anyways).

Absolutely its been shown that you can shoot a string of reloads and just look at velocities at first and not look at poi. If you shoot a string of reloads with .3 grains powder difference, you should find velocity/accuracy nodes where your velocities flatten out (ES is low). What I do then is load up 10 rounds in the middle of the node and shoot it diligently, and check poi. In theory, the poi should be pretty good, also considering you have either already found a stable seating depth, or now would be a good time to play with oal.
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