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Originally Posted by AndrewM View Post
So could you in theory rather than looking at accuracy find the most consistent velocity and that would equate to the best accuracy? This way you take the shooter and environmental effects out of the equation. Or a consistent velocity doesn't always equate to consistent accuracy? Thinking of the physics and seems velocity should be the most important factor.

Also you reduce and increase powder based on temperature for a hunting round? Seems a bit excessive as you would need to keep everything organized throughout the day.
I have sometimes found that a load with more velocity spread actually shoots smaller groups, so I go with groups rather than velocity. Then again, I don't shoot past 500m . As for the effect of temperature, in over 45 years, the effect of temperature has never cost me an animal. I sight in at around 0 degrees C to average out velocity, and that has worked out fine. As for looking for the velocity to stop increasing as you approach the maximum load, that doesn't always happen, I often see pressure signs appear as the velocity is still increasing in fairly uniform intervals.
Only accurate guns are interesting.
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