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Originally Posted by AndrewM View Post
Do you notice if velocity nodes correspond to accuracy nodes? Basically to keep wind and everything else out, could you use a chrony and get similar results?
A velocity node is by definition an accuracy node. It is a 100 to 200 fps band where the groups remain nice and tight. There is a point where adding more powder does not result in more velocity and this is telling you that u are at the max load for that round but this is very different from what guys talk about with respect to velocity nodes. In my books u want the fastest load possible and then play with the other factors to get the best groups possible. The whole discussion of speed versus accuracy is nonsense, I have never developed a load where I could not get close to max velocity and great accuracy at the Sam time. If u have to give up 2 to 300 fps to get an accurate load u are doing something wrong.
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