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Default Leupold Rangefinder - Full Draw vs TBR

Sending my Leupold TBR-1000 Range finder in for warranty replacement. Need to choose a new one.

I will use them mainly for bow hunting and some rifle (or back up). Just got the Geovids, which i like but finding them a little bulky and a little ackward getting in and out of the Kuiu harness...but thats another issue.

Leupold has their Full Draw series which is targeting more bow hunting crowd, it will show a "red line" in the display for the peak of your arrow height, blah blah blah and some other stuff, that I'm not sure is needed. They also have their RX TBR series targeting the rifle hunter which mine was. It shows angle compensations also just not "peak" arrow height of flight path.

Question's -
Any of you use the Full Draw rangefinder and they a bowhunting "game changer"?
Is there "really" any advantage of them over the TBR models when it comes to bowhunting?
I am kind of leaning towards the TBR unless the Full Draw series has something any bowhunter needs.
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