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Originally Posted by Bushrat View Post
Very real. Perhaps you should summon medical attention. Strokes should be only taken in moderation.
Ok I thought you were joking. Please explain to me how the moon which is mostly rock turns into a star which ate mostly hydrogen?

Please also explain to me how satellites are put into orbit of the earth isn't spherical?

Also I'm curious as to how you explain a disc shaped earth as I assume you believe that gravity is a real thing? If we assume gravity is real then the point of attraction must have a center right? If it had a center and pulls equally from all directions wouldn't that result in a sphere?

Please explain to me how sun dials work if the earth isn't round?

Im also curious as to why certain constellations are visible and others aren't depending on where you are on earth. If the earth was flat wouldn't we all see the same night sky?

I'm honestly curious as to how you have come to believe this despite all the knowledge we have acquired as a species. Please no hokey links or YouTube videos just an explanation info your own words.
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