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Originally Posted by densa44 View Post
I think this is a scam but there is history too.

The Greeks knew that the moon and the earth were balls due to the shadows that they made on the moon and the sun. They knew through experiments that only a sphere would cast, under all circumstances, the circular shape we can see during an eclipse.

They knew how big a sphere the earth was thanks to geometry, deep wells and the sun standing over head at noon. I'll leave it to others to explain how that worked.

I still maintain that this is a scam, that rocket with a man on board won't go 50 feet but there has to be a way to extract $ from the gullible.

Remember P.T. Barnum "There is a sucker born every minute"
It is a scam of sorts. He started a gofunme account or similar last year and couldn't raise the money. Then suddenly, he becomes a flat earther and gets some $150K in funds from Research Flat Earth. Can't see him ever getting into orbit, and if by some slim chance he does - I doubt he'll make it back.
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