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Turbos changed. Cost me $ 2500 in parts and I did it myself. Dealer wanted over $6000. Have a few pipes left over that I didn't change out. Not an easy job with no lift. A lot harder than than the guy's on YouTube show you. The exhaust bolts were miserable to remove. Almost stripped one bolt head out removing it but did get it out. Took about 12 hrs total time, would take a person that has done it before with a lift about 8 to 10 hrs.

Gonna trade the truck in when I have a chance and absolutely no turbo's for this guy Cause I have heard that the average is 100k to 150k for replacements on the F150, and at that price it's not worth having them. I love the power and performance but not worth the cost.

Gonna get me a 16" perch.
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