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It's cheaper to buy a spare barrel, but not as cheap as it should be. I think the 3" is the challenge, as it's pretty easy to find slug barrels that are 2-3/4" capable. If one of those will do the trick, you can find one (CGN) in the $125-$175 range, depending on condition. I trust you want it with rifle sights, vs. a bead sight?

If you want a 3"-capable, rifle-sighted will be more "modern" production, and the price will reflect that. They pop-up on CGN with some frequency, so I'd keep an eye on that. Better yet, put a WTB ad saying you're looking for one..and see what happens. On this site, and over there.
New, I've seen them as high as $299 (Cabela's) but I think that price is a bit nuts...considering you can find complete guns, gently used for about $100 more.
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