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Originally Posted by H380 View Post
Only one today at my baits and one more called in . Seems someone is checking my locations from a truck and tho nothing has been touched , only a couple fresh sets of dog tracks . Tells me the coyotes may have been spooked away .
Next year Im not prebaiting like i did this fall . I'll go in and establish a bait and set up immediately . The prebaits got hit hard and cleaned up fast and seems as tho not many have returned . I know lots of guys prebait , whats your thoughts ?
For me, I throw my first round of bait out, let it sit for 3 or 4 days, then get in there and hang snares. Ive found by then the trails are more or less established, and i dont want to feed the buggers for free. That works well for me....might have to move a few a few days later, but I like starting to catch them asap.
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