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Today a report was tabled about a Genocide committed in Canada. A "Genocide" is the intentional killing of a large group of people. In that report there are no statements detailing the types of firearms used to commit this mass murder.

Laws are being changed to reduce gun violence against certain groups in our society. But why hasn't there been a mass shooting at a Police Station ? What is there about occupants in a Police Station that makes them so different than occupants in a church, or in a school classroom ?

The report tabled today has hundreds of recommendations on what Canada has to do to stop this genocide. Not one recommendation relates to new federal laws relating to firearms. How can a Genocide unrelated to firearms take precedent over other aspects of public safety ? If we have an identifiable group that can prove they are the victims of a mass murder and can identify the group that is murdering them then the intention to kill must be deliberate.
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