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Snap & Bwabbit .... Pink is the new Hot ... Barbie it is! Also pleased to see the number of members contributing this year, lots of great W/W examples.

J-J .... tks for sharing the story & pic's, his color choices work well together. I've never made one in that blue/yellow bead color before, it will be interesting to hear back from you if Whites or Perch take an interest in it.

I spent an hour or so getting all my gear together today, changed out the floro line on my 3 rods, sharpened up the auger, and found my ice cleats, too.

Sylvan has very little to no snow left, looks like a skating rink, Fellas, if you don't have any consider picking up some cleats, got these from Cdn Tire 2 years ago, size 13+, best investment ever.

Looking forward to checking the ice thickness on Saturday, more to follow.



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