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Originally Posted by Jawjacker View Post
Zip those look awesome. The hot pink looks real good.
Jj ... I recall member Waterninja, (banned-rest his sole), said his buddy swore by "Pink". I found the pink wire over the summer & decided to give it a try. Will report my findings. You normally can tell if Whites show any interest in your creations after 2-3 times out. What I mean is, if you see a number of Whites in the area and they come up towards your presentation and at the last second turn away you pretty much know their not interested. This is why I fish 2 w/w on 1 rod, you improve your chances & get a good idea what they're interested in, if they continuously turn away, that presentation goes to the back of the line up.

The w/w's in my pic's are proven & have caught numerous Whites.



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