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Originally Posted by bill9044 View Post
Is that really a ferret? Do you have wild ferrets around England. I may seem like a dumb question but I'm not up on the animals of England. What is their main food source?
Hunting Rabbits with Ferrets is very popular and I have done it for 60 years ,often people with no idea give it a go and do not have the kit or sense to retrieve their ferret when it kills underground when this happens they soon revert to being wild and they are natural and fearless killers , they eat any thing from frogs to gamebirds eventually they will fall victim to someone like me who traps rabbits. I catch around 2/3 a year in kill traps which is a shame because they are easily tamed and make good workers, one year I snares a large Hob/Buck and managed to get it out and it proved a good worker over a good few years [IMG][/IMG]
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