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Originally Posted by reddeerguy2015 View Post
Throw your favorite E rated LT truck tires on your RV. They'll last much longer, better flat resistance, won't blow up, hold air better, and the selection is endless.

Don't know why anyone bothers with crappy trailer tires after the originals wear out/dry up/explode - whatever.
If the OP has 15 inch wheels then he pretty stuck when it comes to heavy duty LT LRE tires. In a couple sizes there are some LRC options, but load range E is another story.

In the Trailer stuff, Carlisle is always pretty well respected when it comes to more cost effective offshore built options. For the higher end stuff, the new Goodyear Endurance seems to be a huge improvement over the older Marathon series, but you will expect to pay more as it is built in the USA (the Marathon was Chinese built). I cannot honestly say I have any long term feedback on them being such a new tire, but I do have more confidence in them compared to the Chinese trailer tires, but it comes at a price.
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